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We are here to support students while on their academic journeys by providing connections to on-campus resources, scholarships, job shadow and internship opportunities, and transfer resources. Click on the name of the LSAMP Navigator for your school to find contact information and a link to the LSAMP Scholar Application.

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Julie Bruce

Arapahoe Community College

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Jocelyn Campos

Community College of Aurora

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Janell Lindsey

Community College of Denver

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Nafeesa Lynn

Front Range Community College

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Janet Stomberg

Red Rocks Community College

Metro Denver STEM Alliance

Program Leadership

Stepheny Beauchamp

Stepheny Beauchamp

Metro Denver STEM Alliance Project Director

303.340.7712 | | CCA, Lowry Campus, West Quad, Rm. 203I


I believe that science, technology, engineering, and math all impact our every day lives, and each field needs to be enriched by diverse perspectives so that all communities can equally benefit from this impact. Working with students who are underrepresented in STEM fields means supporting their goals and aspirations, and ensuring that their lived experiences expand what we currently know STEM to be. Our STEM students are building futures in fields such as Environmental Engineering, Microbiology, and Information Technology, and it is imperative that their perspectives are equally represented in our future.

Janet Stomberg

Janet Stomberg

Metro Denver STEM Alliance Assistant Project Director

303.914.6406 | | RRCC, Rm 2547


As a biologist, I know that diversity is required for evolution. Although not directly related to biological evolution, STEM fields are constantly expanding and only can do so efficiently with greater diversity among people that work in these disciplines. I believe that supporting underrepresented students in STEM is vital for positive change in higher education, and because these fields aim to solve real-world, contemporary problems. From cybersecurity and technology to environmental engineering, geology to conservation biology, and civil engineering to disease prevention, there are endless ways to innovate. The more diversity and representation in STEM fields, the greater likelihood that we will effectively address problems that are faced by all people.