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The LSAMP URE Program is a great way for students to engage in undergraduate research through their community college. LSAMP URE Participants not only gain valuable reseach skills, but are provided with opportunities to network with STEM peers, as well as present their research in professional settings. 

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The Metro Denver STEM Alliance Undergraduate Research Experience Program assists students in developing an introductory research background to supplement their academic learning and support their acquisition of transferable skills to four-year university programs and industry careers.

The LSAMP URE seeks to support student participants in conducting undergraduate research over a one-semester period. In this semester, LSAMP URE participants will engage in at least 30 hours of research activities under the guidance of staff and faculty mentors. Participants will also engage in ongoing cohort meetings and workshops/seminars to gain skills in conducting and presenting research, and will develop a research poster with accompanying abstract. LSAMP URE participants will present their research to peers, faculty, and staff at their designated school, as well as be invited to present at other STEM conference events, such as the MDSA LSAMP CO-WY AMP annual conference. 


Through the LSAMP URE program, students will develop transferable skills focusing on achieving and retaining those skills over the long-term. Included are developing skills in scientific research processes, collaboration, presenting to diverse audiences, inclusive practices, identity development, critical thinking, effective reasoning, and creativity. The LSAMP URE is an opportunity for students to co-create their educational experience, supplement their in-class instruction and take their learning to the next level.

If you are ready to dive into STEM research, you should consider applying! The LSAMP URE Program supports students interested in researching a variety of STEM topics including areas in microbiology, computer science, chemistry, physics, math, programming, engineering, biology, astronomy, and more.  


The LSAMP URE Participant is a STEM student and LSAMP Scholar interested in furthering academic research and contributing to the knowledge bank in their chosen discipline area. Through research-based workshops, bi-weekly mentor check-ins, and guided research initiatives, LSAMP URE Participants will build transferable skills in core research areas to benefit both long-term academic goals and career growth. LSAMP URE Participants in the LSAMP URE Program will focus on successful completion of a chosen research topic and final presentation to a group of peers and STEM professionals. Students have the option of writing their own unique research question, or developing a question with the help of LSAMP staff.


Our goal is to serve our diverse community and increase both degree and career attainment rates for our STEM students. As a LSAMP URE Participant, you will be supported in achieving this goal.

There are many benefits for students participating in the LSAMP URE Program including: 


  • · Foster significant research skills transferable to your degree and career path
  • · Develop important leadership experience while developing professional relationships with faculty, staff, students, and industry partners
  • · Poster presentation opportunities with like-minded colleagues in professional forums
  • · Network with other STEM students and professionals in Colorado
  • · Be a STEM degree seeking student, and actively enrolled as a LSAMP Scholar
  • · 2.75 cumulative GPA and 2.75 STEM GPA
  • · Successful completion of 20 college credit hours or more and 12 credits of STEM related courses, with some exceptions
  • · Successful completion of one STEM course in chosen degree, with some exceptions
  • · Be an academic role model with an interest in contributing to your STEM discipline through research
  • · Have a curiosity for learning, and a commitment to develop problem-solving abilities and communications skills
  • · Be dedicated to upholding principles of equity and inclusion and honor diversity in all forms
  • · Have a positive work ethic and attitude, be punctual, and be dependable
  • · Commit to represent MDSA, LSAMP and the college in a positive manner
  • · Commit to two consecutive full semesters of URE and all program requirements


  • · Attend all required workshops and check-ins throughout semester, to include summer orientation
  • · Meet all required deadlines for submissions and check-ins
  • · Maintain open lines of communication with LSAMP URE Mentor and LSAMP Navigator
  • · Meet with LSAMP URE Mentor bi-weekly
  • · Commit to poster presentation at end of semester
  • · Serve as a role model to incoming LSAMP URE Participants in semester two by completing assigned responsibilities and exhibiting pride and spirit for the LSAMP URE program
  • · Have fun and share your experience with other students


  • · Current transcripts
  • · Transcripts from previous colleges attended (if applicable)
  • · Email address of the person writing your letter of recommendation (preferably from a previous STEM instructor)
  • · Research question, or topic/subject you are interested in researching
  • · Short answer questions are below - please limit answers to 200 words or less
  • · Why are you interested in an undergraduate research experience?
  • · What topic of research do you hope to study and why?
  • · How will this undergraduate research experience help you grow academically and professionally?
  • · We are all unique in different ways. Explain how your personal diversity impacts your academic life, and explain how you will remain mindful of issues of equity and diversity while conducting research?

If you are ready to apply, scroll down and click the application link for your community college. Currently, the LSAMP URE Program is offered at CCA, FRCC, and RRCC - please apply to the program at the community college you are currently attending.


ACC and CCD students, contact your LSAMP Navigator for a list of URE opportunities available at your college. 

LSAMP URE Application Links

You will find links to the LSAMP URE Program application below, as well as links to online forms you will need throughout the program. Please only apply to the program at the community college you are currently attending. 




RRCC Application Link

RRCC Budget Proposal Link

RRCC Mentor Check-In Link

RRCC Final Submission Link